Our Group Facilitators

Kaitlyn Pack,CLC

Cognitive Behaviorist - Consciousness Coach & Change Facilitator

Life Coach, Group Coach, Grief Counselor, CBD ED

As a Cognitive Behaviorist, Consciousness Coach/ Change Facilitator, and Grief Counselor, Kaitlyn is committed to helping groups & individuals traverse transitional spaces through assisting in the expansion of self awareness. She is masterful at recognizing the subtle energies and thought patterns that keep us stagnant and works with therapists to provide clients with additional support on their journey to building the lifestyle they desire. Kaitlyn helps to facilitate client’s own process of reconnecting with their inner wisdom in order to help identify and overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from living the reality of their dreams. Therapy is the tip of the self-care ice-burg, Kaitlyn built her practice out of the understanding that additional support in tandem with therapy is needed and necessary- whether it be individually or with the community of a support group. 

Alexandra Bletsis

Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy

International Mental Health Counselor

"What's Your Love Language"?
I am a mental health counselor and psychotherapist currently based in Greece treating patients globally. I am bilingual speaking both English and Greek. My Master's Degree is in psychology, mental health counseling and psychotherapy. My Bachelor's Degree is in biology and bioethics. I plan on continued education and research in neuropsychology as evidence is showing us the connection between therapy and neuroplasticity to bring about positive change. I currently treat young adults and adults virtually using an integrative approach with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I feel that it is important for patients to understand how their thoughts, emotions and behaviors are intertwined and play a role in their mental health. I also believe that change comes from within and therefore I work on empowering my patients to learn how to help themselves by giving them the tools, guidance and support they need to live the life they want to be living. I find it important to volunteer my time at The Smile of The Child, Athens, Greece for families and children in need. During my leisure I enjoy Soccer, Painting, Traveling, Piano, Sailing